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Joanna Paladino, MD

Physician Investigator
Consulting&Coaching Core Co-Director


Joanna (Jo) Paladino, MD is a palliative care physician and faculty investigator at the Mongan Institute Center for Aging and Serious Illness at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Paladino has focused her career on designing, studying, and spreading a system-level serious illness communication intervention (Serious Illness Care Program, SICP) that includes structured communication tools, clinician skills training, and systems-innovations, including EHR integration. She has partnered with health systems and national organizations to adapt, implement, and study SICP across specialties, clinical settings, and diverse patient populations. Dr. Paladino has experience with intervention design, implementation toolkit development, mixed-methods research, and implementation and delivery science. This work has contributed to a growing knowledge base about serious illness communication impact, adaptation, and implementation. Dr. Paladino serves as a co-investigator on several federally funded projects, including: SCOPE Leukemia (PCORI, El-Jawahri (PI)) and Equity in Caregiving (NINR, Tjia (PI)). She teaches courses at Harvard Medical School in communication skills, train-the-trainer, and implementation. Dr. Paladino lives with her husband and son in Boston, Massachusetts.

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