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Dr. Emily Mroz is a T32 postdoctoral fellow in the Section of Geriatrics, Yale School of Medicine and a member of the Social Gerontology and Health Lab, Yale School of Public Health. She earned her PhD in Psychology in 2021, during which time she also worked as a palliative care Quality Improvement Manager and affiliate researcher (University of Florida and UFHealth). Having nurtured research interests in caregiving and end-of-life care over the past decade, a central arm of Dr. Mroz's  ongoing work is to develop strategies to bolster preparedness in caregivers of persons living with dementia. Her research bridges academic, medical, and community spaces; past and present community partners including hospice and dementia care organizations. Dr. Mroz plans to continue her career in translational academic research after her fellowship. 

Dr. Mroz
Scholar, 2023

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