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Dr. Wladkowski is the Larry & Patty Benz Professor and an Associate Professor of Social Work at Bowling Green State University. She earned her doctorate from Simmons University School of Social Work and holds a Masters in Social Work from Boston College and a Masters in Applied Educational Psychology-School Counseling from Northeastern University. Dr. Wladkowski has several years of clinical practice experience as an independent licensed social worker in hospice and palliative care, which directly informs her research and teaching in health, aging, interprofessional education, and end-of-life care.  


Dr. Wladkowski’s main research interest is focused on live discharge from hospice, or when individuals stop receiving hospice care due to no longer meeting the eligibility requirements. She continues to advance knowledge in this under-researched area through exploring the impact of live discharge on individuals with life-limiting illnesses and their caregivers, with careful attention to policy implications, and the practice opportunities. As a recipient of the Cambia Health Foundation Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program, Dr. Wladkowski aims to develop an assessment protocol for live discharge from hospice to be implemented across health care settings and interdisciplinary teams.  

Dr. Wladkowski
Scholar, 2023

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