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Dementia Palliative Care Clinical Trials Program
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Othelia Lee, PhD

Scholar, 2022

Dr.   Othelia EunKyoung Lee is a Professor at UNC Charlotte School of Social Work.   She received her MSW from Smith College and Ph D from Columbia   University.  Dr. Lee has taught at North Carolina State University and   Boston College.   

   Her personal experiences and professional work with people with   disabilities and older adults foster her interest in exploring how people   cope with difficult life events and how they use personal and social   resources to enhance their health and well-being.  Some highlights of   her scholarship achievements include a book and over 65 refereed journal   article in the areas of mental health disparities, community engagement,   mindfulness, and gerontology.  Dr. Lee’s primary research focuses on   development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative community-based   intervention on health behaviors among older adults. Her recent work is   to  investigate the efficacy and adaptability of companion robots in   home care for socially isolated older adults with cognitive   impairments.

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