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National Home-Based Primary Care Learning Network

Creating a Culture of High-Quality Care

The National Home-Based Primary Care Learning Network is a 8 month-long participatory learning experience aiming to improve the care provided to homebound patients while promoting a culture of better care and continuous learning in home based medical care practices.

Learning Network participants are part of a vanguard movement to create a community of quality in home-based medical care.


Our Story

  • Provide transformational strategies and coaching support to help home-based primary care practices implement quality improvement principles and demonstrate high-value care.

  • Help practices and clinicians connect and build a community in a practice-based learning network so they can together ask and answer important questions that work toward the goal of improving the care they provide and raise the field of home-based primary care.

  • Provide complimentary access to and facilitate the use of a quality improvement learning platform, which employs quality indicators appropriate for home-based primary care patients and allows practices to benchmark their performance.


The main focus of the Learning Network is for practices to improve the care provided in home-based medical care, help to create a culture of quality improvement and continuous learning in the field, and to create a community of quality in home-based medical care.

Join the Learning Network

The next 8-month Learning Network experience will start with a virtual meeting in June 2022 and conclude with a virtual meeting in January 2023

Before the Learning Network kick-off meeting in June 2022, practices will be asked to conduct guided self-assessments and complete web-based exercises. Teams will complete an initial assessment of their current practice, identify opportunities for improvement, and will work between learning sessions to meet their aims.

Between in-person/virtual meetings, the Learning Network will facilitate a series of videoconference interactive learning sessions, technical assistance, and access to web-based quality improvement tools. 

Practices will work together to pose and collectively answer important health care questions related to the field of home-based primary care and apply their findings to their work in the Learning Network.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Access to experts in home-based primary care & quality improvement principles

  • Interaction with a national community of committed home-based primary care providers and practices

  • Complimentary access to and technical support of a quality improvement learning platform

  • Exchange of tools and best practices among Learning Network members

  • Participant growth in continuous quality improvement learning skills

  • Contribution of data to advance the field of home-based primary care


Kosta Deligiannidis, MD, Northwell Health: “The Learning Network helped us embed quality improvement processes into our day-to-day practice. It helped our team and our patients.”

YungAh Lee, MD, Yale New Haven Health: “You must join the learning network. It is one of the best things our practice ever did. You cannot succeed if you are isolated – join the movement and we are stronger together.”

Paul Rondestvedt, MD, Prospero Health: “The Learning Network helped our teams identify shared goals and helped us keep our eye on our mission.”

Meet The Team

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