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Dementia Palliative Care Clinical Trials Program
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Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD
Director of Evaluation


Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD is a clinical health psychologist, director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Interdisciplinary Research (CHOIR) within the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, James and Elizabeth Gamble Endowed Chair Co-Director for MassGeneral Neurosciences, and Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. Her research is focused on the development, testing and implementation of behavioral health interventions for patients, caregivers, and patient-caregiver dyads to prevent illness, optimize recovery after illness and promote living well with persistent or serious illness. Dr. Vranceanu’s current active federally funded trials focus on acute and chronic pain management, prevention of chronic emotional distress among patient-caregiver dyads after acute brain injury, addressing the chronic pain-early cognitive decline comorbidity to prevent dementia, and development of a physical activity intervention for older Black adults in the Boston area churches. Dr. Vranceanu is passionate about mentoring and runs a K club that is supported by a K24 mid-career investigator mentoring grant.

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