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Post-doctoral research opportunity from the NIA IMPACT Collaboratory

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Do you know of an aspiring investigator or current trainee with a background in public health or health services research and an interest in dementia care research? 


We are excited to announce a new funded postdoctoral research opportunity with NIA IMPACT Collaboratory! Working under the supervisions of Dr. Joshua Niznik ( and Dr. Laura Hanson (


This postdoctoral experience will support a qualified candidate to work alongside investigators with expertise in dementia care research and pragmatic trials as part of the Patient and Caregiver Relevant Outcomes Core.  The program will include opportunities to develop skills in the evaluation of patient and caregiver reported outcomes available in electronic medical records, hands on analysis of large datasets from electronic medical records, and fundamental principles of pragmatic trials design.


Interested candidates should submit an application through UNC Chapel Hill at the link below.

NIH Conference of Interest: 

2023 National Research Summit on Care, Services, and Supports for Persons Living with Dementia and Their Care Partners/Caregivers | National Institute on Aging (

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